Frontier Lawn and Landscaping, Inc. respectfully submits the following business narrative to contractors for
the purpose of potential contracts.

Frontier Lawn and Landscaping, Inc. was established on February 1st, 1990 with the goal of providing quality
landscape products and services to Havre and north central Montana. The corporate officers are, Steven
Chvilicek and Ron Konesky.

Frontier Lawn and Landscaping, Inc. is located at 1704 2nd Street West in Havre Montana. Havre is a major
thoroughfare serving north central Montana. Frontier Lawn and Landscaping, Inc. has been in business for
twenty-three (23) years and has provided quality landscaping products and service throughout the state of
Montana, for both residential and commercial projects. Our primary area of expertise lies in the design,
construction and maintenance of commercial and residential landscapes and underground sprinkler irrigation.
Frontier Lawn and Landscaping, also provides a full service lawn care program - including chemical weed and
pest control along with liquid and granular fertilizer applications. Frontier Lawn and Landscaping also does
vinyl, wood, chain-link, and barbed wire fence erection; concrete curbing, patios and walkways (including
colored and stamped); retaining wall construction; metal fabrication; heavy timber pole signs; snow removal;
small scale excavation and hydro-seeding.

In 2006, Frontier Lawn and Landscaping, Inc., built a full scale tree and shrub Nursery located at 1520 2nd
Street West. The Frontier Nursery carries a full selection of hardy trees, shrubs and perennials that are grown
for the area to survive the hot summers and cold winters. Also at our nursery we carry a large variety of
bagged product for the DO-IT-YOURSELFER such as Cedar Mulch, various colors of Lava Rock, Top Soil,
Compost, Potting Soil, as well as various styles and colors of Brick. Frontier Nursery employs one full time
nursery manager and three part time seasonal employees.

Frontier Lawn and Landscaping, Inc. employs 8 full time employees year round including a service manager,
a lawn and turf manager, an office manager, and laborers. To complete our successful team during peak
season are two (2) licensed chemical applicators; three (3) landscape foreman (having 3-5 years experience);
one full time sprinkler repair technician, four commercially licensed drivers and a receptionist and between
6-12 highly skilled laborers.

Frontier Lawn and Landscaping, Inc., owns a large commercial office building which houses the main business
operation, a large conference room, a cold storage room and a shop maintenance room. Also on site we have
available bulk materials such as Cedar Mulch, Topsoil, Compost and fill dirt.

                         For any additional information please feel free to contact us at:
                                           Frontier Lawn and Landscaping, Inc.
                                          1704 2nd Street West
                                           Havre, Montana 59501
                                           Telephone: (406) 265-1670
                                           Fax : (406) 265-3113